Formula collegiate design series team

Engineering Motorsports at UCF

What is Formula SAE?

Formula SAE is a collegiate motorsport design competition in which students use technical innovation and advanced engineering analysis to build formula style racecars. Teams design and build a completely new car each year, taking knowledge from previous years out to the track. Teams register to compete on an international scale that test each team’s designs from every aspect. Students are critiqued from industry specialists such as Ford, Chrysler, and GM. This experience in applied engineering gives students a strong competitive advantage after college and prepares them for the best engineering jobs in the world! International competitions also expose the team to different cultures and approaches to engineering.


Meet the Team

2018 Design leaders

Anthony Sergi


Derek Stewart

Vice Presedint

Scott Dauphinais


Bowie Suen


Hoyt Hicks

Team Leader / Aerodynamics Lead

Kyle Lozinski

Drivetrain Lead

Harley Hicks

Suspension Lead

Eric Barker

Chassis Lead

Hunter Hicks

Powertrain Lead

Trevor Taulien

Electrical Lead

Gabe Marseille

Ergonomics Lead

Melissa Tropeano

Public Relations Lead




  • How can I join Formula?
    Send us a message on Facebook or come out to our shop during one of our meetings.
  • What do we do?
    We design, manufacture and race an open wheel race car in an international competition every year!
  • Do I have to be a mechanical engineer?
    No, KnightsRacing encourages all disciplines from UCF to join. We have projects for Electrical, Computer, Industrial, Aerospace, and Civil Engineers. As well, there is an elaborate Business and Marketing sector in SAE, including developing a cost report and Business Presentation in front of major representatives from Automotive and Motorcycle OEMs and Suppliers.
  • When and where are the meetings?
    We have meetings every Monday & Wednesday at 7 Pm and Saturday at 10 Am. We meet at our shop located on the Google Map in the Contact us tab.